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Strong content helps your online business generate leads.


Most, if not all businesses are based on sales and they key to making sales is generating leads. You can’t make sales without knowing who to call on first. This goes double for an online business where lead generation is crucial. But for many, it’s not an easy task to generate leads. Many just don’t…

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Social media trends to look out for in 2018


Well summer is just about over and soon we will be in the new year. It’s time to start thinking and strategizing on how you will do marketing in the new year. In order to stay competitive, one must keep up with the latest trends. With that in mind, here are some social media trends…

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How content marketing can help your business.


One of the many ways of helping your business become successful is through the use of content marketing. But it’s not enough just to do the content marketing, it must be done right to be effective. Here are some tips to making the most of your content marketing. With an eye on SEO and branding…

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