Each new listing we create for you increases the chances that customers will find you. In addition, some local business directories share data with each other.

So much like a website, your listing will rise in ranking over time and the more places you are listed, the higher your ranking.

At Uniko Media Group we take over the task of creating your business listings which includes your business name, address, phone number, and other important information.

We make sure your listing is categorized appropriately and that all citations are listed in the proper areas.

Then, using our extensive index of local business listing sites, we make sure your listing is added to all the most popular and relevant sites.

We go through the claiming process to verify your listings. Claiming can sometimes be confusing due to the fact that each online local business index has its own claiming process.

We understand the process and we know how to get it done in a timely manner. Managing your local business listings may seem like a relatively easy thing, but it can be time consuming and sometimes confusing.

Let Uniko Media Group take care of this for you while you spend your time on better things, like running your business.

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